Featured Adventure Options in Asheville, North Carolina:

Autumn Color Tours
Experience the best of North Carolina by going on an autumn color tour. At the peak of fall, the transformation from summertime to winter can be seen in the landscape. You’ll see sweeping views of the dramatic scenery with tree leaves ranging from golden yellow to crimson red. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that’s perfect as a couples’ retreat.

Taking an eco-tour through North Carolina offers you access to all of the beauty the countryside has to offer. North Carolina’s scenery loves to put on a show! Spring and summertime offer picture perfect mountain ‘scapes with rolling meadows, filled with colorful wildflowers. Fall ushers in the changing of the seasons with vibrant yellow, orange, and red leaves. Eco-tours in North Carolina easily allow you to take part in the beauty found in nature.

Clear your mind and open your heart with a hike through the mountains. Hiking in North Carolina is great for hikers of all skill levels and offers a variety of trails. As you trek through the forest, you’ll come face-to-face with nature. The layers, which the mountains were formed from, become exposed, valleys open up, and North Carolina’s wildlife is present. Spring and summer provide a show of colorful wildflowers and grassy meadows while fall brings the sensational colors of changing leaves.

The Smokies were made to be photographed! Filled with sweeping scenery from the wildlife, rivers, mountains, and flora, it’s time to get your camera ready. Spring and summer offer bright days and blue skies while the landscape changes drastically as it approaches winter, with the drama of changing leaves.

Whitewater rafting on North Carolina’s roaring rivers is an unforgettable experience! Your group will work together conquering great rapids followed by periods of calm floating. This adventure is perfect for team-building. Although we try to make your trip as comfortable as possible, this is still a rugged experience that may be best suited for the more adventurous.

Let us handle your next youth ski retreat while you sip hot cocoa by the fire! Staff will handle ski reservations, and pick up your lift tickets and rental cards before you arrive. Each evening, staff will provide programming and vespers.