Welcome to Hill Country!


The crossroads where West, Central, and South Texas meet make up what’s known as Hill Country. Situated on the Edwards Plateau, the landscape is full of rugged hills met with plains and valleys. The area can be extremely drying making it prone to flash floods. Some also call this area the beginning or end of the American Southwest.

Featured Adventure Options in Hill Country, Texas:

Base Camp trips are great for weekends or up to 4-night stays. Groups experience all the awesome Wilderness activities but without all the camping. With most meals at Mi Casa, bathrooms, showers, and a bed to sleep in, this is a great option for groups who want a taste of the Wilderness experience. It is also a great way to have an abbreviated summer camp or retreat in a more secluded environment. Trips are customized for each group and all the Wilderness activities are available.

Spend five days paddling and camping on the beautiful Pecos River in Texas’ Chihuahuan Desert. For remote paddling in duckies we go to the South Pecos River down in Texas. This river is one of the most pristine in the country. This trip can be 20, 40, or the full 60 miles. It won’t be easy but there will certainly be more than enough reward. This trip is full of contrast: cool storms followed by hot sun, gentle currents lead to swift rapids, waking from a nap to cliff jump into the water and the final headwind leads to victory at the takeout!

A four day wilderness trip is the perfect amount of time out on trail for groups who are new to backpacking and want to experience an equal amount of fun and challenge! Your first and last nights will be spent sleeping indoors at our Wilderness Base Camp giving you access to civilization and gently introduces you into the wild. When we head out into our back country, there are several amazing campsites and activity options that can cater to any groups needs. In the summer we keep our groups on their toes with intentional experiences, paired with biblical truth, while always throwing in relaxing cool down times like swimming in our river, or even a secret visit by our fire truck for a surprise trail shower!