Send a Hero
to Feather Ridge

The state of our world has many of us in a constant struggle mentally, emotionally, and financially. With your donation, you can help send a hometown hero on a Back2Basics adventure retreat that will help them to rejuvenate their tired spirit and find comfort in the calling God has for them. It only takes $1,500 to give them a three day experience they will never forget.

We are all given the privilege of serving others through our giving. Giving is not simply restricted to monetary contributions; giving encompasses all of our timetalents, and treasures.

The truth about giving is, that it’s not an obligatory act, but rather a cheerful expression that comes from the heart. We are given the opportunity to bless and be blessed by getting to give.


How Your Giving Helps

Back2Basics Outdoor Ministries has a goal of making outdoor adventures accessible to everyone, no matter their financial status or physical location. Your giving directly supports this vision by offsetting costs of trips and providing scholarships for those with financial hardships. Participating in a Back2Basics’ event should never be a financial burden or reason to say “I can’t participate”.

Financial gifts also help support the reach of the ministry. Your giving helps us grow nationally & internationally into new locations that make outdoor adventure trips easily accessible to more people, building relationships in the great outdoors.

Become a Ministry Partner

Share Your Time & Talents

You are uniquely formed and your gifts are unique to you. Why not share your talents with others to help them learn, grow, and become better?

If you feel called to serve alongside us to support the growth of reaching others, we would be honored to accommodate your calling.

Throughout the year, Back2Basics seeks out volunteers to assist with retreats, ministry events, and fundraising. If you would like to share your time and talents with us, please contact us about how you would like to serve. Other areas we seek volunteers are fundraising, and operational assistance.

Share Your Treasures

You have been given the responsibility of caring for earthly assets during your lifetime. Why not share your treasures with others to help them see a new perspective, reconnect with one another, and help others do the same?

If you feel called to support the ministry with your treasures, we would be honored for you to do so.

Treasures aren’t limited to monetary donations; treasures can also include outdoor adventure equipment, land access, and content & teaching resources.

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*Back2Basics Outdoor Ministries, INC is a nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization formed exclusively for charitable and religious purposes. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent.